Rep. Dr. Geraldine Peten possess the credentials, experience and commitment to achieve these goals for her constituents and their families as their elected Arizona State Representative for Legislative District 4

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Equity to serve the instructional needs of all students to equip them with marketable skills for the 21st century technological society.



Equity and fair treatment with legal encounters in housing, employment, domestic issues, and life’s trials and tribulations.



Standards of living to achieve and maintain a quality lifestyle

My Top Priorities

  • Educational Equity for all
  • Access to affordable health care, a safe and clean environment, living wage jobs, affordable housing and equal opportunities in all aspects of life
  • Reducing mass incarceration so that Arizona is #1 in Education NOT Incarceration

I Believe In

  • Stakeholders not stockholders
  • Kids not corporations
  • Public investment not private expansion in schools and businesses
  • Health care choice not government mandate
  • Fair Taxes not corporate welfare
  • Integrity – that is why I’m running as a Clean Elections candidate

What Democrats Stand for:

  • Public investments in world-class schools and infrastructure for all
  • Free public universities and first-class technical training for all
  • Single-payer Medicare for all
  • Higher taxes on the wealthy to pay for this
  • Using antitrust to break up powerful monopolies on
  • Wall Street, Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Agriculture
  • Removal of big money from politics

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

- Nelson Mandela

About Dr. Geraldine Peten

Arizona is in an educational crisis and one of the main goals in retaining my seat in the House of Representatives is to continue to help to solve this problem. I have over 30 years of experience in education, rising from teacher to construction supervisor to consultant to School District Superintendent. Additionally I have earned a Doctorate in Education (Curriculum and Instruction), a Master of Science (Construction Management), a Master of Arts (Supervision and Administration) and a Bachelor of Arts (Vocational Education); all of which means I can relate to the struggles of the unskilled worker or the college graduate, the administrator wrestling with a budget or even the electrician trying to deal with new city codes.

I have more than a lifetime of experience in and around education and the industries that support it ; NOW is the time for me to capitalize on my experience and education to benefit the COMMUNITY.

As I already mentioned, EDUCATION is my top priority along with quality of life initiatives such as: democratic participation, access to healthcare, a safe and clean environment, living wage jobs, affordable housing and reducing mass incarceration. I would love to be a part of making Arizona Number 1 in Education, NOT Incarceration.

Most importantly, I bring honesty and integrity to the issues within my district which include: water policy, roads and infrastructure and stable employment. I currently serve on the Land, Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Transportation and Infrastructure committees in the House.


Doctor of Education, Curriculum & Instruction With Distinction: Summa Cum Laude
Northern Arizona University

Master of Science, Construction Management
Arizona State University

Master of Arts, Supervision and Administration
Seton Hall University

Bachelor of Arts, Vocational Education
Montclair State University

Career Path:

  • Teacher—Pre-K –12+
  • Small business owner
  • Assistant Principal
  • School Construction Manager
  • Turnaround Principal on Navajo Reservation
  • School Superintendent
  • AZ State Representative—LD4

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